How long should a couple date before they start going to each others family gathering?

My girlfriend is forcing the issue to go see her family for Thanksgiving and then we will go to my place with my family. We've only. been dating for 3 months and I feel really nervous about the whole idea becasue I've never met her family before and I don't know how serious we are so I don't want to be see hers or my family photos in a year and think about how some random girl I dated a few months I never talk to anymore is in these photos and it will be awkward in the long run. Is it too soon?


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  • You'll take her to see your family when you'll that it's the right time for both of you, same thing for her.
    Be polite and go for it, you'll meet her family and maybe this can make the other random girl disappear.. Who knows?
    I'm a girl and if I want to show you to my father then you're really worth it


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  • If your 10 years apart in age you wait 10 years if Ur 1 you wait 1

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