I want to cut my hair myself, should I do it?

So I have long hair to my shoulders but the maintance is a pain in the ass and it rarely looks good - I feel like it doesn't match my face, head shape, and body type that well and it's just overall offputting and it looks damaged/too rough.

The thing is I want to cut it myself so I can figure out what looks good (like I did with my beard) and so I don't have to rely on anyone to maintain my appearance.

But I'm worried it's going to look like shit because my hair just sucks regardless.

What should I do?

  • Go for it! it's just hair it will grow back...
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  • Nah man, just go to a barber or salon. It's 30 minutes of your time an it's just faster & easier...
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  • Both - Go to a Barber/Salon guide who ever is cutting your hair on what you want. Watch He or She intently, then buy some clippers & scissor and try to follow the lines like a childs coloring book...
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  • Did you cut it? Go a little short for a while.
    I shape my eyebrows myself. Tweezer pluck yay.
    And I cut my bangs myself when they get too long. But eventually they look mismatched with the rest, and when I try to trim my hair from the front, it looks self-cut and messy. You can't shape it properly from the back anyway. But yeah, I'm a frizzball.
    Still, as the guys have suggested, go for a cut, do little maintenance yourself, then go for a fresh cut.

    Do you use conditioner?
    If you wanna go natural conditioner, try eggs. Then there's also beer.
    I use almond oil, massage it in and leave it either overnight or at least half an hour, then shampoo it. It's worked really well compared to when I'd be using gooseberry oil. But I don't know if it'll work for your hair type. People in the West don't really use oil as a conditioner do they?
    I remember my friends and I did a comparison in school once. The girl from HK had the thickest hair, mine was in between and rough, lol, and the English girl had the thinnest. So now I think that Western people have thin hair. That's been the stereotype in my head since, so I could be wrong I guess.

    • Yeah I got a trim, I still look like this though - https://www.instagram.com/p/6gQBXtmOEY/

      It's too cold to do short or anything like that (at least that's what I tell myself) I don't know my appearance is a thing that always confuses me. I wish someone else could decide for me sometimes because I'm just going to be unhappy with how I look when I'm having a bad day (which is quite often) anyway so might as well pick something that is most appealing & desirable to others... that sounds awful though, changing who you are to please others but if you can't please yourself you might as well make someone happy?

      My hair is fine & wavy, but I don't consider that the norm for any country of mixed ethnicity. There people who break the stereotypes all the time, I've seen plenty of Asian people with thin hair and plenty people from India with thin hair and the opposite as well, it really depends.

      When I was growing my hair back to the length of my chin I was trying all kinds of strange natural remedies to make it stronger... some worked.

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    • I've tried the "what do you think I should do?" line with barbers and hairstylist before but they always deflect from the question and ask "what do you want?"... which is extremely silly considering I'm asking them meaning I don't know what I want & I want them to cut it for what they feel will look best for my face, hair-type and overall style/attitude.

      I stereotype and generalize all the time usually as a joke, sometimes not, who cares.

      Which Christian Bale look are you referring to?
      lol I usually use Johnny Depp as my reference cuz he's my hair homey.

    • Yeah, hairdressers probably get scared cos they don't want you hurling abuses at them and then listen to more abuses from their boss. So they play it safe. That's why I try to let them know that I'm REALLY okay with them experimenting on me. Yes, it has its ups and downs. Anyway...

      The long but shorter hair.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I started cutting my own hair back when I was a kid... however, even given all of my experience with self cuts, I still go to a proper stylist every 6months to get it shaped. I only do the bi-weekly maintenance myself.

    I suggest if you're serious about cutting your own hair... do something along the same route as I'm currently doing. First go to a professional who can set you up with the cut you want and than simply work towards maintaining it.

    A full on haircut with long hair is not an ideal place to start if you have absolutely no experience cutting your own hair- unless of course you're willing to completely shave it should things take a turn for the worse.

    • I once let my sister cut my hair because she thought it looked easy... I had to shave it afterwards.

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  • If it makes you happy!

  • post a pic.

    I cut my hair myself. it's never even but I still don't like others touching my hair. (:


What Guys Said 2

  • I've done it myself since highschool...

    You need a lot of patience. Too hasty and you'll get uneven cuts, basically a mess.

    I only use a pair of scissors.

  • Don't do it yourself. You are going to fuck it up haha.

    I get my hair professionally cut and over time I make adjustments/trims to it when I feel like it.

    • Is this based on personal experience or just common sense... or both?

      I feel like option C is probably the best direction to go...

    • Both lol.
      I am friends with hair stylists and they don't even do their own hair.
      Also why do you want to become self reliant? I only go like 2-3 times a year it isn't a big deal.

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