How do you turn on a guy?

1. how do you turn on a guy?

2. how do you tell if a guy likes u?

3.what type of clothes do guys find sexy?


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  • 1. Well guys usually like a bit of flirting and you can also make a guy turned on by a bit of touching/kissing etc but if you want to do it without touching you can just flirt or talk dirty it pretty much like the same as a girl but just different

    2. If a guy doesn't tell you he likes you it can or could be fairly obvious if he talks to you differently to his other mates who are girls or if he texts you asks you questions you wouldn't expect from a normal friend eg. sexual questions, flirting, calling you names like babe or hun? I don't know all guys are different but sometimes it could be a giveaway

    3. Guys usually go wild for low cut clothing, sexy stuff that shows off what you have

    I hope that helps =)


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