Girls, Should I, with fairly large breasts, choose a large bag?

I was told that girls like me do better with larger purses so as not to over accentuate my large breasts. Is this true or not?


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  • I've heard this too.

    Not women with large breasts , women that are large period, or even have a large behind.

    The width of the purse has a way of making you appear thinner from the side because it blocks a good portion of you off.

    • That is all a fashion technique.

      Women that are insecure about their goods or don't want to draw much attention to it will do this.
      If you're fine with whatever you have or don't mind the attention wear whatever size purse.

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    • Yes, you did. Your response did not show up until I responded. Thanks!

    • No problem !

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  • Nah, just choose a normal bag you like, don't base it on your breast size. Massive bags look kinda silly in my opinion.

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