How Long It Takes?

Me and my friends were talking about people we know and how some of them don't get girls while a majority of us at one point or another have done something with a girl. We basically all agreed that one of our friends is completely f***ed. Well my question is do you think that the longer it takes you to get with a girl the less likely it becomes?


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  • that guy who hasn't been with a girl , it doesn't mean much because maybe he's at a stage in his life where he can't get a girl?

    a lot of us have different circumstances in life that prevents us from forming relationships at the same rate or time as other people-it might be due to socio-economic status, culture, religion, being too busy with other things like school or work, or personalities and upbringing

    if he's trying at least to learn how he can be more approachable, that' s a good step I suppose.

    everyone has a chance at any age-there is no need to be negative.


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  • When were young we tend to try things and even if we fail we get back right up again and try again, as we get older it becomes harder and harder because our emotions develop and it will seem like we have a lot more riding on a girl excepting us than it really does, which makes it harder to meet a girl because we have all this sh*t going on in our heads.

    Remember the saying, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, well its not completely right about humans, they can learn from scratch its just that it will be that much harder