How to wear jeggings?

I want to start wearing jeggings, and obviously they're made more for girls. I'm a guy, so I don't really know where fashion is at for girls, jeggings etc. Also, what colour jeggings would you recommend? I'm basically wanting to know what style of shoe and top would go with jeggings? I don't want anything too girly, but yea.


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  • Don't do it bro. It is not a flattering look on anyone. Ever. At all.

    • I'm not wanting to wear it to make my appearance look any better or anything, I've just heard they're super comfortable and easier to wear than skinny jeans.

    • No. There are some things you don't wear for the sake of comfort. You don't go out in sweatpants and you don't wear jeggings. If you want to wear them around the house that's fine, but don't wear them in public

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  • i think u mean joggers?

    • No, jeggings.

    • go with joggers instead

    • I'm asking what clothes go with jeggings, if you've got nothing helpful to say you're just wasting your time telling me what to wear.

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  • Just wear them like jeans!

    • I've never really worn jeans, that's the thing. I've hated make jeans, they're really baggy, plus I hate the think structured denim. That's why I was looking into jeggings, apparently leggings are comfy and they feel like those, and also have the appearance of jeans.

    • yea... lol

  • How to wear jeggings... hmm. Tough one. How about...

    I don't care what gender you are, jeggings are an abomination and all of them need to be burned.

    • If you've got nothing helpful to say don't say it, I'm not asking whether you think they're good or not, I'm asking what to wear with jeggings...

    • The most helpful advice when it comes to jeggings, is not to wear them. It's the most helpful thing I could tell you.

  • Jeggings aren't all that comfortable or flattering my love. I would try something else.

    • What other things would you suggest? And from your experience, if any, what do jeggings feel like?

    • Have you ever gotten superglue on your skin? That's what jeggings feel like.

      Straight or slim cut jeans are more universally flattering than jeggings. Jeggings just make your ass look small and your feet look huge.

  • Try those jeggings that look closer to be jeans than leggings.
    And they work with shoes like converse well. ^-^
    But if you have thin legs (like most guys) be ready for making girls jealouse of your legs, lol. 😂

    • Cheers! I have quite small legs but my thighs are a little big, I've always been a tad chubby, although I do work and try and tone my legs, so whether that will make a difference I don't know, thanks though!

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    • Yeah. I'm gonna pick out some clothes and post another topic and how they'd look etc, could you take a look at it for me and leave your opinion?

  • Males dont wear jeggings.

    • What are you trying to say? I'm not asking if males wear them, obviously it may be a little weird, but I want to try them, I think I'm a little bit of a cross-dresser too, so yea.

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  • Vans/converse and a baggy T is a good start