Am I a A-hole?

Some and this girl hooked up and I was mildly attracted to her but I loved her personality more than her looks so overlooked her physical features thinking she's a great person anyways.

At that time me and her hooked up I was really interested in this one girl whom I was very attracted to and wanted to date but she and I are friends and she had already confided in me that she liked somebody eles(I know because she gave me a name). Anyways after me and my current ex broke up after I told her I was attracted to that other girl me and the other girl didn't go out simply because she saw me as a friend. I understood and respected that decision and decided to stay friends.

Soon after that I called my ex who was still in love with me apparently and I decided to get back with her. The very next day the other girl whom I was attracted to tells me she was wrong and she likes me more than a friend now and I have no clue what to do.

I have already broke up with my ex once and it caused her a lot of grief or so she says and I don't know what to do since I still like the other girl and want to date to her. Should I tell her I made a mistake asking her out again and go with the one I'm attracted to or stay true to being with my ex?

Help please!


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  • First and foremost do you like this other girl only because of her looks? If so then you should probobly just let things lie.

    Also it kinda sounds as if you only got back with the girlfriend because YOU were lonely... kinda harsh don't ya think?

    This other girl seems to be playing the same game with you that you are playing with the current gf

    Besides there's a 90% chance that the other girl will change her mind again what's she realizes she can have you!

    That's why men in a relationship are so attractive to women whether we want to admit it or not!

    If you have so little love/respect for the current girlfriend to be able to set her aside at the drop of a hat you should just cut her loose now and leave her'll save her some major heartache in the end anyways!


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  • "The ex" - sincere in her interests and wants to be with you

    "The friend" - unknown certainty, she told you she views you more than a friend.

    With the above information you can take your pick, you don't have to date either or you could choose one versus the other. No answer is right or wrong. This is your life, what do you want?

    Personally, I hate relationships because when I finally fall for the girl- they usually break my heart. To tell you the truth about what I would choose, I would pick the attractive girl because of two key reasons:

    - She is physically attractive

    - There's no past history of relationship issues

    ~ Charming