1-10 Am I unattractive?

From new years.


Messing with my little sister's hair "thingy"


I smile at girls, but they never smile back. I don't know why. Its if I'm invisible. I could have asked this question to my sisters or friends, but then I wouldn't get an honest answer, plus it would be awkward to ask them :-/ Why am I invisible? Am I just unattractive or what?

(Yes, I'm close to having black eyes. So I guess that's a minus.)


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  • I think you're adorable, like boy next door or little brother cute


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  • The dude hit it right on the head. As a woman, I think you're cute. But that's it. Cute. You look very young to me. The glasses are hot, but the all over buzz cut makes you look ridiculously young. Not a bad thing at all. I'd definitley get to know you better.

  • no way ur totaly cute


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  • No, not Unattractive, just... oh man... 'kay this is going to be hard, but you asked and I'm telling. This is all just speculation, you understand.

    I see what you mean but it's kind hard to pinpoint what...

    Looking at both pics I get an impression of youth. You seem to have that happy-go-lucky look and feel generally associated with younger people about you, regardless of if you were smiling.

    However on second and third looks, the glasses and short hair (plus the collared shirt) suggest intellectual, but that kind of seems to clash with the first impression, possibly creating some conflict.

    Maybe try and be more, not serious, but mature. You can still smile, but (and once again this is just speculative ramblings) maybe more of an intellectual, adult smile(?).

    Maybe. Maybe it's just me...