Made a huge mistake help?

so i posted my ex on the dirty out of anger because he's a shitty person. but i am seriously starting to regret it. it was posted about a week ago and has 58 likes and one comment. its a small town and its so easy for word to get out. the post was so obviously me posting him. he's really pyschotic and gets pissed off easily and he would defnientely harrass me for this. what do i do? i emailed the site explaining the situation and that im the owner of the post but they dont always remove them... what do i do


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  • I would reply back on the post or make a new post about how it was inappropriate of you to do it. And apologize. Make it public.

    Also tell him you're sorry about it personally. If he's really aggressive around you, let an adult know.


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  • You really fucked up so maybe... Move to Anarctica and befriend a polar bear to share his food and use as a pillow.