Getting a Valentine?!

What’s a good/cute way to hint at the guy friend I like that I want to be his valentine without actually saying it? And even if he isn’t my valentine, would it be weird if I sent him a valentine’s day card (nothing serious- just cute/funny) to show that I care?


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  • well I don't know how girls do it hehe but,hey! guys like suprise as much as girls do or maybe to someone who's single he'd be like "hmmmm =) I wonder who sent this"

    i know most people can't accept rejection,if I were a girl who liked this guy and wanted him to be my valentine I would ask him up up front =) that shows how confident you are,if he's too good to be true you should,if he's a player or a good looking person for nothing don't waste your time =]

    p/s:this is my 1st answer,and my time here ^^

    • Haha ohh well I feel honored :) Thanks a lot for your input tho.. it definitely helps!! and you should definitely keep coming on here and answer other people's questions too!!

  • I think a Valentine's Day card would be fine! It can definitely get the ball rolling, especially since it's nothing serious, he won't be as worried to respond back to the card, so it'll be a very relaxed thing, nothing to worry about!


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