How do you look good all the time?

I have some pretty good looks (according to most girls) but it seems like I only look good like 30% of the time. Most days I wake up and look in the mirror and I'm like "I look like crap" and I won't want to go out because I look ugly. Other times though I will literally look like the hottest guy in the room (and girls will talk to me more, and try to get with me). Its just frustrating looking so good some times and so hideous other times. I can't figure out what it is, I feel like it isn't my clolthes becuase I was looking over some pictures and in some shirts I look super hot, but when I put them on later I still look terrible, I really dont know why I do this, any suggestions?


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  • Haha I think that's completely normal! I have that happen too - one day my hair will look good, I won't have any pimples, I will look less tired and my body will look great in whatever I wear. Next day I look like hell. I wish I could tell you why. I think it's just life and happens to everyone. Our bodies are constantly changing so it makes sense that we just look like hell randomly for no reason sometimes lol


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