Pick/plan/list an outfit for your current/future significant other based on these categories?

1. What should he/she wear if the two of you were just sitting at home watching a movie?

2. What should he/she wear if the two of you were going out for dinner?

3. What should he/she wear to the beach?

4. What should he/she wear to a concert?

5. What should he/she wear for a stroll in the park?

6. What should he/she wear if you went to a party/club?


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  • A S. O?
    1. leggings and tank top
    2. A really nice, elegant dress probably
    3. string bikini
    4. Uhh, jeans and vneck?
    5. workout athletic clothes i guess, yoga tights and sporty tank
    6. bodycon dress with leg length she is comfortable with


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  • The boyfriend has like... four outfits that he wears so it's hard to plan for him :P

    1. I like when he's just sitting around in his pajama bottoms and his hoodie, it's comfortable.

    2. He has this black button up shirt I like, pair that with some jeans and his boots, it's all good.

    3. The idea of him at the beach is such a foreign concept, I can't really imagine what he'd wear :P He's usually in a floor length black Russian military coat and either blue, black or grey, so him at the beach is really weird! Uh, I guess one of his lighter t-shirts and a pair of swimming trunks.

    4. Depends what concert. Ideally, it's his jeans and one of the band's t-shirts.

    5. T-shirt and jeans, whatever's comfortable.

    6. Again, he wouldn't go to a club. At a party, if it's like a meal at a restaurant, he'd wear the black button up shirt and jeans. If it's casual, it'd be a t-shirt.

    I know that this is all stuff that he would wear rather than stuff I want him to wear but honestly, his style is just so connected to him now that I can't imagine him in anything better.

  • 1. Sweatpants and a shirt. That's it.
    2. Depends where we're going out to dinner! Fancy place? Bring out a nice looking suit. Traditional place? Just a normal outfit!
    3. Shorts and a shirt.
    4. Something cool!
    5. Jeans and a plain shirt. Simple comfy clothing!
    6. Oh, some jeans that fit his ass perfectly, a tight looking shirt and the best leather jacket he owns!

    • Lol #6

    • Ahah oh c'mon he needs to look good because I'm gonna be all over that! And make all the girls jealous because they can't get my baby ahah :D

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  • I don't really mind once she is happy and comfortable in them.