Do you girls think I'm attractive for an Asian guy?


I don't care what you guys give me, I respect you guys opinion...


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  • Your'e adorable, doll.

    Not just for an Asian guy but for a guy in general.


What Guys Said 1

  • it doesn't matter cus ur asian..ur d*** is like 2 inches

    • Ur so funni, we come in all different sizes like any other races, are you mad cause you have a small pee pee....lolz... don't feel sorry for yourself, life! = D

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    • Pretty sure I wasn't bragging about 5 1/2 being big... he assumed I was going to make up that I happen to have some massive cock

      go get raped again

    • Dont have low self-esteem, be proud of yourself and live life...Im just giving you some advices that maybe you can pick up friends, don't be a loner.

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