Guys, whats your dress style like? I want the deets?


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  • Varies from day to day, I try to dress for the occasion. Regardless, I always try to look well put together, making sure the shoes/sneakers match the outfit, wear the right wash of jeans, etc.

    For casual, I usually wear jeans/shorts (never ever ever everevereveverever cargos👎) with a t-shirt (gotta be a good t-shirt, no whack promo t-shirts I got from the promo girls at a bar😂 or big brand logos like "hey, dig me! It's Lacoste! Expensive right? You impressed? Yeeeeaaaahhhhh, you're impressed😎", that all qualifies as lame. I like simple t-shirts, they can be crew neck or v-neck, depends on the look I'm going for. I like plain t-shirts or ones with cool designs/colors, and I layer them under other stuff for a pop of color under something more neutral. I also wear henleys, and a lot of casual button down shirts, but again, the design needs to be dope. I feel like the standard patterns we all know are a little boring, so I like unique prints, as long as they're not ugly. Like I have a few from Express that I bought for the summer that I love. One is navy with pastel blue shark silhouettes all over it, another is white with navy and red nautical shit on it, like anchors, mermaids, schooners, ship wheels, etc, and both shirts have contrasting undersides to the collar and cuffs, another thing I love. All summer I wear those with shorts and Sperry Topsider Halyard sneakers in a variety of colors and patterns, as it suits the outfit of the day. I also have a handful of plaid/western style shirts.

    For work or going out somewhere nice, I get a little more fancy. I love sport coats, v-neck sweaters over a button-down and a tie, I throw a cool pocket square in from time to time. I also try to wear busier patterns under plain sport coats. Like in the summer, I'll wear a palm print tropical shirt under the coat, it's dressy and casual at the same time, I'm all about it, haha. Or I wear a sport coat over a plain, colored t-shirt with a matching pocket square. I wish I had my old phone, I had more pics. But here are a few examples...(excuse the expressions, these are often from my girlfriend, so I don't care if I look jacked up... my selfie face needs work😂

    Casual sweater, jeans, white sneakers...

    Jeans, sweater, tie...

    And this is when I go all out😎

    • You dress nice, but I actually like Promo shirts lol

    • Thanks! I probably have some old ones from when I worked at bars in my 20s that you can have, haha.

    • Lol well that explains it. Im still in my 20s haha

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  • Quite bland - Everyday would be normally be a polo shirt and jeans - For special occasions a dress shirt and trousers

    • Hey thats cute though :)

  • Flannels or t shirts and jeans, mostly. I can't afford anything fancy d:

    • Casual is cute!! Do yo thang :)

  • It can probably best be described as 'casual'. Usually I wear just a plain t-shirt and blue jeans, but sometimes I also wear t-shirts with jokes on them that only people who work in IT understand.

    • Thats the hottest male outfit around ;-)

  • Um it's currently summer so I just stick with a plain shirt and jeans. Joggers if it's an adventurous day maybe.

    Winters a completely different story yea.

    • Lol what did you wear in the winter? Cause its winter here

    • Jackets and blazers.
      Scarfs and Jeans.

  • Leather jackets with scarfs and jeans or suits or lafreak tank shirts with jeans

    • I hate scarfs. So chokable lol

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    • i dont understand something... if playing the guitar is so easy why do girls love it

    • Im not really into musicians. Im more into guys who TRY to sing or play an instrument just to make me laugh. Im sure I could learn to play if I tried. But I've never took much interest in it

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