I want what's best for her but I just can't forget about her.

hey, I'm 16... I've liked this girl for 2 years now... never spoke a word to her until 2 weeks ago... the day I started talking to her she got a boyfriend... I told her how I felt about her etc and she thought nothing of it... I went without sleep for 2 days just thinking about her... she's constantly there in my head, and she just won't go away. I started to draw a picture to give to her on valentines day as a surprise, which involved a kitty... and now every time I think of her I draw the cat, I must have drawn it at least 7 times in 1 lesson at school. Its starting to bug me because not only am I constantly thinking about her, but I can't go anywhere with her due to her boyfriend. I want what's best for her but I just can't forget about her... my friends don't know what to say to help me anymore, and now she's in most of my lessons at school, she's just constantly there. I talk to her on msn etc just to learn more about her but recently I've run out of things to talk about with her, and every time she goes offline I get this weird feeling inside me (I take it that its just me missing her) but I can't do anything about it. One of my friends suggested this site to me, so I'm giving it a go in hope that you guys can help me with my problems. now and then she says on msn that we nearly made eye contact today, I never noticed it but her telling me that I missed out on it makes me feel sick. I love her to bits, yet I find it hard to look at her, not for the fact she's ugly (which she's not, she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen), but just the fact I get scared that if I'm looking at her, then she turns around and looks in my general direction I look away instantly... its just some sort of reflex, I've never spoke to her in person or made eye contact. I guess I should tell you guys about me and her as well. I've recently turned 16, and she's been 16 for nearly 2 months... she's fairly tall, skinny, with brown eyes, long reddish hair. She's half Italian and half English, and she loves Italian food. She works at all A's - A*'s levels at school and is generally one of the popular girls although she rarely speaks. I on the other hand am about 5ft 11? I play drums, guitar and a small amount of bass guitar. I have ginger hair (although I recently dyed it black, red and blond) and I weigh 14 st 11b (fat bastard I know), and I'm only just scraping C's at school. I really need help, but that's why I'm here... if any of you guys can help then you're legends :) thanks for reading :)


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  • Listen man, I'm 24, lots of experience and I'm asking you, is she the only juicy girl around?

    As I sat there and read your story I felt like you were beyond help. I really hope that one day you will reach a point where you can look back on this and feel embarresed at the way you were acting.

    I know your feelings for this girl are strong, but EVERY SINGLE THING you are doing now is counter productive to getting what you want!

    Right now your coming off as the biggest creep to this girl. Listen, if you love this girl so much you must be willing to do anything for her right? Well I'm going to tell you the secret to get this girl but your not going to like it... START DATING ANOTHER GIRL, this is the absolutely best thing you can do in this situation, every step you take until you start seeing another girl is just a step back from getting the girl you like.

  • I can tell you right away worrying is the biggest waste of time. Shit hurts bro but a scrab isn't going to ever heal if you keep picking at it. Stop thinking so much! She is going to do whatever she wants regardless of what you say so just live and let live.

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