No makeup? Or makeup?

Do guys prefer a girls who wear make up or girls who don't?Does it matter? Or no?


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  • It does not matter in any big way to me. If it was a percent of attraction, it would account for maybe 5%. I like make up that accents a girl's features. A girl does not NEED it in my opinion, natural beauty = win.

    If you cake on the make up so you look like a porcelain doll or a clown, don't look human, or don't resemble your true looks at all. No thank you.

    A bit here and there is just fine, eye shadow/liner/whateveritscalled is great if it matches you well

  • Make-up for the most part matters. A lot of make-up is a absolute NO! Please don't overdo the make-up. Use light make up if any at all. I know make-up is suppose to highlight your best features, but a lot of women get it wrong. Women are using make-up to cover their flaws.


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