I Asked The Girl That Works For Me If I Was Hot?

She said: "No, you just think you're hot." I asked her to rate me 1-10; she said I was a 1. Would you talk to your incredibly nice boss, who pretty much let's you sit around, text, look at magazines, etc.. that way? I should fire her.


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  • With all due respect, I think your question was a little unprofessional and inappropriate. You might have made her uncomfortable in some way and that is why she became defensive. I think you need to step back and put yourself in her shoes. Your boss asks you to rate him on a scale of 1-10...that is precarious and unsettling. I don't think there is a solid basis for dismissal. I think it's better to forget the whole incident and move on.

    It's only my opinion but you do what is best in your mind & for the company.

    • I don't exactly run a tight ship in the show room. I expected a smart ass comment from her; she's a first class smart ass. I was joking when I wrote the question; because, it really made me laugh. But, she rated me a 1. That's pretty harsh. Texas is an "at will" employees may be terminated for any reason, rating me a 1 is a good reason. I'm kidding; I wouldn't fire either of my kids.

    • Okay, well it's really hard to discern when a post is a joke. As long as you are happy with your team, your company expectations and goals are met then I am all for having some fun. I am in management and I run a very tight ship. We do have our "fun" but otherwise it's all business.

    • It was a joke; we joke around. Nothing sexual. However, I started thinking about this. I wanted to this endevor to be fun and relaxed. However, I've been way too relaxed. I'd like her to take on more responsibility, but it's hard to trust she'll take that repsonsibility with the seriousness it requires.

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  • You shouldnt be asking an employee that question anyway. It's inappropriate. Why do you let her sit around, text and look at magazines when she is supposed to be working? Why did you get so butthurt at her reply? Are you attracted/interested in her in some way and mad that she doesn't see you that way? If you fired her for that that wouldn't be smart on your end as you would open yourself from possible sexual harassment rumors


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  • That'd be great...

    OutOfMyElement43: "You're fired because I sexually harassed you & you didn't respond properly."

    Good luck with that one.

    • I'm not stupid. I'd say: "You're fired because I sexually harassed you & you responded unprofessionally." I have a strict policy that everyone must act professional around here. Rating me a 1 was very unprofessional. I'd never set myself up for a lawsuit.

    • Rating someone based on looks has nothing to do with her level of professionalism. She was most likely being a smartass, you said she was one yourself. Sounds like you may just be insecure and her remark just pushed the wrong button. With all do respect, it would be a very unprofessional and immature reason to "fire someone".

  • 1. Don't fire her unless you got someone to replace her.

    2. She could be joking.

    3. Maybe you are ugly in her eyes : / ?

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