What colours should I get?

What colours should I get?

I'm getting 2 couches and 2 recliners. I don't know what colour to get them. The walls in the apartment are white. And the tables and entertainment system are a dark expresso colour. I kinda wanna mix up the couches instead of getting them all one colour

The picture is from Google. It kinda looks like the one side of my aparment. The two recliners are gunna go along the wall with the windows (3 door baclony in my case) and the couch is going against the wall with the portrait. The final couch is going against the wall across from the recliners


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  • You are right that pic a bit white - I would go a mixture of bright and rich dark for the couches to fill the gap between the walls and the expresso furniture. Quite a light bas furniture item and let the cushions/pillows/throws and rugs bring life to the room.


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  • Usually, it's the single seater that is made into an accent chair to really see the pop against the base color of the sofas. In your case, that would be the recliners, so make sure that you pick ones that aren't too big or bulky-looking, as you still want them to look coherent, and having differences in both color 'and' size may set them off too much from the rest and just end up looking unintentionally mismatched.

    However, since they'll be taking up pretty much the same amount of space anyway, you can make it so that the side sofa will be the accent instead of the recliners so that your accent's only a single piece and more concentrated in one spot instead of two single seaters that are a bit more spaced out. The only problem with that though is that it might be too hard to find recliners that are a perfect match in color and material with the center sofa, so for that reason alone I'd personally go with the recliners as accents, but maybe you'd like the latter better?

    Anyway, your existing setting doesn't really limit you to any colors since they're all composed of neutrals, but here are two ways you can decide on your color scheme and set them up so that they still have harmony:

    Option 1
    Here, you will have only two different colors - one base color and one accent color that you will use on the accent chair and the throw pillows on the sofas to tie the look together.

    Option 2
    In this one, you have visually three different colors in total. The accent chair really only differs now in tones/shades/tints with the base sofa and both are in neutrals, while the accessories become the pop of color. It doesn’t have to be boring either just because your colors are only varying in tones/shades/tints. Your color combination may be as subtle as white and grey with hints of aqua blue like in the picture, or it can be as bold as black and white with pops of lime green here and there.

    Personally, I prefer option 2. It gives you more freedom for change if you keep the colors neutral, since the pops of color are really only composed of the accessories and other decorative. Change the painting to red, throw some red pillows there, place a red vase on the table, and you already have a new look and feel to the place. With option 1, it's much more permanent since the colors are in the furniture themselves, and there's isn't really much you can do to change the colors if you get bored of them.


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