Do guys do it to?

when people break up and start seeing other people...i know as a girl ..i wanna see the new girl and wanna see if I am better looking then do guys do the same thing? do they wanna see the new guy that there ex is dating to no if they are better looking?


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  • Eh not really.

    Theres a reason (and a good one) to why I finished a relationship with a girl. So what she does after that point doesn't really concern me. She can date a way better looking guy if she wants but I won't really care. It's not my problem no more. By reading your comments I can tell that your either a really jealous person that can almost be labeled the "crazy ex girlfriend" or your just really insecure about yourself. Don't be, even if you guys ended up your relationship in good terms, there must have been a good reason to have ended. So move on and don't worry too much about what your ex boyfriends are getting themselves into, or WHO their getting themselves into for that matter..

    • Nope.....we stayed friends and I ask this because he has been acting weird about me starting to date someone

    • Then take everything I said. and just apply it to him rather than you

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  • For me, not really.

    I don't care what my ex-girlfriends are doing. If I break up with someone, I have real good reason to do so, and it usually is something where I'm not going to want to associate with them any longer because it falls under the category of betrayal, or deceit.

    At any rate, I don't want to know, simply because I don't want that person in my life. They hurt me in a way that lets me know they are not a person I want having access to me, so why would I want access to them?

    • But what if it wasn't a bad break up and you guys stayed friends...? or at least still talked...or they broke up with you?

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    • Well then why are you asking the question?

      If you're comfortable with it, then do it and quit worrying what everyone thinks.

    • Mostly asked because I know that most girls do....and just wanted to know if guys did it as well...

  • Way too much information! When I break up with a woman, I don't ever want to see her again, if at all possible. My watch is officially over at that point.

    • Burn what if you stay friends ....or if she was the one who broke up with you

    • I don't have women friends whom I used to be in love with. It's unhealthy, and inadvisable.

  • After a break-up, I wish the woman well with life's adventures. I can careless who she dates. Us men have to focus and shift our attention to more important things, such as other women. What's the point of lingering in the past when it doesn't solve anything. Women, on the other hand are competitive by nature and will want to compete with the other girl.

    • I believe this is is not true. ex's can be pretty jealous about ur new bf

    • Well, that's your opinion. I think anyone can be jealous, but we're talking competition here. Men will not be jealous, we will be thankful.

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