For the club goers on this board?

men: would you chase after the foxy sexy chic in the club or the less attractive chic? The odds are higher with the less attractive chic right?

women: would you accept a drink from any guy who offered to buy you a drink? What makes a guy stand out or appeal more to you from the crowd?


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  • If I feel like gaming cold in a club, I go for the girls in jeans. So they can still be hot. You'd be suprised as to how narcissistic 'mid-range' attractive girls can be. I don't have the research to hand, but the 'mid' level girls are most concerned about a guy's looks. The most attractive girls want other qualities - power, status, money, intelligence and/or wit, confidence.

    However, I'm currently not a hotshot in the nightscene. I'm lean but not ripped, and barely average height. The only action I get is from rapport building in the day, and then swooping them at night. It'll be a lot better when I'm 25, more muscular and I can afford to hit up some fly cocktail bars in a custom suit, and not look like a wally whilst I'm doing it.

    Also, never offer to pay for a drink till you've tapped it. Until then, buy rounds. If you are pestered to buy a drink, have some fun with it. (make it so she pays the bill, get her some water etc)