Black girls, how do you care for your hair?

I hear it's very hard and time consuming?
Can you get your hair wet?


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  • I have natural hair, so I wear protective styles (braids, twists). I wear my hair braided underneath and I use hair extensions/weave over it.

    Washing routine: I use shampoo to make sure my scalp is clean while my hair is still braided, once a week. I use a shampoo with menthol to open the pores of my scalp. I let water go through it. Then, I airdry it throughout the day. Once the protective hairstyle has ran its course, I un-braid my hair and do a deep conditioner.

    Protective styles are optional. My hair is still growing and I'm not fond of short hair so I wear weave/extensions. I did the big chop (cutting out my relaxed hair) last September and since then my natural hair has grown a lot but still not to a length that I feel looks very flattering on my fat face yet. Once my hair gets to a length I am comfortable with, I will start going for keratin treatments and straightening bi-weekly.

    • So braids and twists protect your hair?
      Can you get relaxed hair wet?

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    • If you pull the life out of it and braid too tight yes, but I never braid my hair too tight. I don't ever wear ponytails either. I also give my hair a chance to breath by going a few days without braids. Light pulling is one thing, braiding your hair follicles off is another...

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • yes we can get our hair wet and yes it very very time consuming a normal wash takes us about 5 hours to wash and style.

  • I get perms and use hair lotions/gels. If It gets wet, Im sure it looks just as frizzy as yours. However, Mine won't have that wet dog smell. But I do have to go home and blow dry it. Then I press it out. Aside from length, there isn't much difference between my hair and yours.

    • Wait, white people hair smells like a wet dog when it's wet?

    • You didn't hear it from me lol. But seriously you never smelled that? Its even all over the internet. Just google it

    • Lmao I've never heard of that in my life 😂 I'll make sure to keep a nose out next time I'm at a pool or somethig

  • This is such an ignorant question

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