Do looks really matter to guys?

Do looks really matter to guys? I mean if your in a room with 10 or x number of girls (a party lets say)... Would you go right the prettiest girl or would you go with a regular one who is very outgoing and fun.

do good looking girls have more chance of finding a guy or fun outgoing ones? Do you prefer shy girls?

and if you (a girl) are shy what do you do to attract a guys interest?

cuz what if you are out going and stuff but only when you are close friends or on your own with totally strangers.


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  • The idea with looks being important for females is one that should be taken with a grain of salt. Frankly, personality is more important than looks is. I'm more likely to approach a fun, easy to approach girl with average looks than a gorgeous girl who stays in the corner not talking to anyone (or who acts like a bitch, that's also bad).

    The issue with female looks is that they rely on it too much. If I was to see ten girls lined up in a row, and I had to pick one of them, it's obvious that I'm going to pick the one that looks best. I have seen a number of questions on here that are basically "I'm a good person with good looks, but I don't usually talk to guys. Why don't I ever get approached by guys? Why do they always go for the social blonde girl with giant t*ts?" When girls just hang around and wait for guys to come and sweep them off of their feet, they are forcing the guys to decide based on looks. If you are looking to impress guys with your personality, go talk to them. Flirt with them. Make them notice that you're a fun, outgoing person. That's way more attractive than 38D boobs.


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  • Fun cute girls will succeed over pretty but bitchy ones of course.

    However, if all the cute girls are kinda low tier and there's only one high tier girl who is a bitch, I'd go for none of them.

    In a way, I wish I could prefer shy girls because I think I'd like them but I don't know yet how to make myself like someone in a meaningful way.

  • Of course looks matter, but they are not the only determining factor. But the face needs to appeal to you, make you smile every time you lay eyes on it. Personality is also hugely important. Every girl should have a combination of both.


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