Would you find me hot?

OK I'm 175cm, not a skinny model stick but I am slim, I have long legs, Big boobs, quite tanned, big green eyes and big lips, brown curly hair and I am smart and VERY sporty and I love playing soccer and dance. I know its a really weird question to ask but I really want to now if I'm one of those girls who would turn heads when you walk into a room. don't be tough or gentle just be honest. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT ! :)


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  • I think that the answer of your question is very subjective and may be you are only telling the good things about you (which would make us think that you're hot but may be in reality you aren't).

    Without knowing you totally, an answer given here (based on what you give us as information) is not accurate. Actually it has more probability of being inaccurate than accurate because the information you give us is subjective, therefore you are unconsciously misleading us.

    • Well that's what I look like. I don't know how I can detail it and NO I'm not lying about what I look like I mean why would I? I just want to know ur honest oppinion and find out if I am hot otherwise I would just be asking this question for no reason and the part when you say (which would make us think that you're hot but may be in reality you aren't). Well that's he thing I don't know if I'm hot that's why I'm asking the question. Thank you for ur commet :)

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  • I would say yes you are attractive from the description. Not really into super curly hair but that not that big of a deal.

    • No my hair isn't a frizzy curly its like wavy curly and thanks for the coment.:)

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    • Oh that's good lol, but I looked it up. That's a good style.

    • Thanks :)

  • Well, you just described yourself as a very attractive lady, you are hinting at you being too "tough" which is a personality thing, if you feel that you need to be less aggressive and girly, you can easily change that. I mean if I described myself as tall, tan, muscular, with a pretty boy face and I asked if I sound like I'm hot, isn't that a silly question?

    • Im not a tom boy I do have my mini skirt moments I'm just tall and slim. I'm muscular enough to do ballet hip hop and jazz but that's it. but I never described myself as muscular. thank you for ur comment :)

    • You're welcome, if you're confident enough to describe yourself as such, you should have no problem with men, plus it's easier for girl to get a relationship, I've never seen one

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