What hairdos to do?

So I've never known what hair do would suit me at all
All I ever do is just part it to the side and that's it or I'd put like the tip part of my hair up in a small ponytail
The reason I don't have many is I don't know what will suit my facell shape.
I do wear ponytails and I've tried a side braid but that made me look really round
So any suggestions?


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  • A hairdo goes an incredibly long way in defining what you look like to other people. It's a statement item, because it can be so expressive, and it is so varied. People will read a lot into your personality through your hair. (not just you, obviously, it's a general thing).

    Your face in your profile pic (I'm going to assume it's you, makes it easier) has really nice features, so you should have a fair bit of flexibility in what you do. You'll have a lot of hairdos that will work well with your face. What will be more important will be deciding what kind of image you want to exude. When someone first looks at you, and makes a judgement call, what are some of the things you want them to think?

    From there you then need to think about how versatile you want it. Do you want it cut in a way that gives you just the one way of wearing it. Or do you want it to be more flexible. Generic 'long hair' gives you lots of ways to wear it, each of which give you certain ways of making people think of you, but it won't ever read as particularly edgy or alternative. Simply because it's conservative to have long hair that is that flexible. The flexibility and practicality make it read as conservative just as a matter of fact.

    While it seems like you are asking a simple question, to give you any answer that would reflect your personality enough to be a useful answer is actually fairly tricky. Hair is a very personal thing, it says a lot about a person.

    • I used to always wear this sort of rock ponytail
      I'd section my hair so that I have the front pieces and k make that into a sort of puffy braid that joins to a high ponytail because I like the rocker look
      But that's it like no other hairstyle looks rocker and I don't want to cut it
      I've been growing it for way too long

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    • Haha I've been braiding hair ever since I was a kid So it's not like I'm an amatuer

    • lol, well what are you worried about then? You'll be fine. Just start getting creative.

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  • I think you'd look incredible with two fishtail braids, part your hair and braid both sides, I think you'll look so, so good :)

    • Haha my cousin did thay for mE once
      But she braided like from the front all the way down on both sides

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  • But what's a facell?

    • I meant to say face xD stupid ac

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    • It honestly doesn't flatter most lol. I remember my friend and when I saw her she acted like nothing happened. Started asking her wtf she did lmao. She looked at me with sad eyes and asked if I like it lol.

    • Haha awww poor girl
      Bit nah i won't do it
      I'd dye my hair weird colours
      Cutting not really
      I like my long ish hair
      I just wanna style it so it looks good

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