Which grey evening dress is more beautiful?

Which one do you like more?

Dress 1: I feel like this is the more sophisticated and elegant option.
Which grey evening dress is more beautiful?
And dress 2: A little more feminine and flirty?

Thank you!

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  • They're both awful
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  • They're both gorgeous
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Oh by the way, it's for a pretty formal event and I also want too look as good as I can haha


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think dress 1 is very classy


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would go for dress 2. I do like dress 1 but I dislike the colour. Dress 2 seems like it's lighter and more comfortable because it's less structured and I like the colour more :)


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  • Dress 1 looks like an elephant penis, with the foreskin tucked backwards, honest opinion. On the other hand dress 2 looks really stylish and lovely all around.

  • 2 is the better one. I don't like how the first one hangs from her chest.


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