What kind of Women's pants are these?

What kind of Women's pants are these?

They feel slightly softer and stretchier than jegging jeans, but rougher than yoga pants and not as thin as leggings. They also have belt loops. Back of pants say active, made of rayon, spandex, and nylon.

Anyone else able to help?


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  • Ohh, I have those. They're like super stretchy fitted trousers. I don't really know what to call them though or if they even really have a name.

    • I thought they were like new leggings or something because it says active, I didn't think they have active trousers for anyone?

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    • I guess they would fall under leggings. They'd be trouser leggings for more formal wear, like jeggings are jean leggings for casual wear.

    • That makes sense!

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  • Yeah I think the idea of a more formal leggings or jeggings would seem most correct idea


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