Girls, Great hair repair products?

My hair is very natural, not colored or mistreated by product or dryer, but burnt from sun. What are some really great hair repair products?


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  • Something that does the job and not that expensive. Use the Pantene 3 miracle conditioner.
    It's exactly what you are looking for

    • I'll try it.

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    • I did not find the exact treatment, but I found the 2 in 1 shampoo conditioner of that and it works well. Thanks again!

    • Hehe that's ok :) you're very welcome lovely

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  • I use this one,

    I only use it after I wash my hair. I spritz it in my hand rather than my hair, that way I get more product where I need it.

    • Thank you but the oil sprays are always making my hair more oily than it already is.

  • Mythic Oil & One n' Only Argan Oil Treatment.

    • That made my hair overly greasy.

    • Which one? You should use just a little.

    • The Argan Oil made it greasy and the other one probably will too. My hair is oily as is, so that could be why.