I was just wondering what color leggings would be best coming from a home with a white cat that sheds like crazy? Does the material catch pet hair? What materials should I try to get? I like black because it can go with anything, but would brown be better? It can still match most anything, right? What about charcoal? I was thinking of getting leggings from Victoria Secret online My friend owns a few pairs and they seem to be really good, but I just don't know what colors would be best to get.


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  • I think black leggings are always a good choice, but any neutral color should be fine. Black, chocolate brown, charcoal, gray... Even bright colors can be really cute if you are daring and have the right outfit!

    I don't think having a cat that sheds a lot really matters... just get a big lint roller. Those things are amazing and will get all the hair and fuzz off your clothes and plus they are only like $1 - $5 bucks, depending on what kind and what size.

  • Oh man, I feel you on the cat thing. My family has 7 cats which is insane, and wearing black is such a a pain in the ass because the cat hair shows up so much (even though I do wear it quite a lot). But it's not really a big deal, I just brush the hair off and it's fine. Or get a lint roller. It's just like wearing anything black. As for colors, black, gray, and charcoal are good, basically anything but white haha.

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