How to keep red hair from fading?

As you can see in my profile picture, is more auburn, but whatever. It fades so fast, and the only advice I've gotten is not washing it, is their anything else I can do?


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  • - less washing... like twice a week, instead of everday!

    - less shampoo... we all know that these hair products ruin the hair and the color itself well ruin it obviously..

    - less hair drying.. when you blow dry it, it gets ruined and then gets too dry, this way it fades away faster.

    - you could always reDo it again and again but since you re under 18 and you don't have a grey hair, so you don't need to color your hair every month.. just do it every 6 months...

    - choose another color that won't fade away to yucky pale orange or light pale brown!

    perhaps black? but as they say once you go black you can't go back!

    - another thing that you do is to ask the hair stylist or whoever dyed your hair is to apply that thing that makes the color last longer... its like a cream used before and after... or perhaps sometimes during the shower.. go to the pharmacy and ask for it!

    • Oh jeez that black thing I know! In ninth grade I put black on the bottom layer and it took FOREVER to get it out!

    • Yeah I always dye my hair black so I have to think twice before going black everytime, cause I know that either I'll have to remove the color and it damages the hair or cut it!

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  • Obviously when you dye it, it's going to go away sooner or later.

  • Wash your hair with a color treated shampoo and conditioner.

    It will fade over time, but not as quickly.

    And stay out of the sun, that fades colors too.