I really want a new hair style?

Currently my hair is wavy/curly, I used to straighten it a lot but stopped & it's a reddish-coppery-brown, that's faded & roots are showing.

I want something new, where I don't have to straighten it everyday for it to look good, I like to have choice between straight or curly/wavy.

I LOVE indie/scene hair. I'm going to dye my hair deep/dark brown (almost black) because it makes my eyes look better lol (argh, I sound so vain just then..)

So any ideas I would be more than happy with! Pictures would be EXTREMELY helpful!


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  • I'm all fo darker hair colours, firstly because they're bang on this season, secondly because done correctly you will get a beautiful healthy shine as dark colours are conditioning. Oh, and thirdly because as you rightly said, they bring out features.

    I would recommend a shattered style indie look just longer than shoulder length for a striking style, But not if you don't want to straighten it every day.

    A simple way of getting around having to heat style every day is to get a perm. Not an old granny tight kind of perm - you can have it done into large neat ringlets for an elegant look, but maybe not the best look if you're going for indie/scene.

    Have you considered a block fringe? This may need a small amount of maintenance every day, but it won't take long.

    For an indie look that reqires less straightening you could get choppy, feathered ends and then just get some hair mousse and scrunch it up to create a messy "out-of-bed" look.

    Hope these ideas help <3

  • i think dyigning your hair dark is an awesome idea . and maybee gettting an inverted bob would be your thing because I have avy hair but when my hairs short like that all I have to do is straighten the ends wich takes all of seconds and I have straight hair or I can throw gel in it and make it super curly .. adding highlights in dark hair will also make it look sleek and stylish when straitghtened and add warmth when curly