He can't look me in the eye?

He can look at me with the big grin on his face when him and his friends come up to me. But as soon as I turn to him , he freezes and looks down. Looks back up and looks down. It's like he's scared of me. I'm not intimidating-looking. If anyone's intimidating , it's him. Taller than 6ft and broad shoulders. I'm only 5'6.

And yes. He can't hold eye contact when he's sitting down either.

I mean seriously , he can't hold eye contact with me for longer than a sec or two.

I know I'm not ugly (from what I've heard. not trying to be conceited) nor am I cross-eyed or have weird colored eyes. People have said I have pretty eyes so,

Why can't he just look me in the eye? I though people liked to look at pretty things? -.-

It sorta hurts me. Especially because when people say I'm pretty, I feel like their lying. This one time this other guy's like "hey sexy" and I'm like "eff off". I feel all weird just because this one guy can't look me in the eyes.

He stares at me a lot from when he thinks I don't know. But as soon as I make eye-contact, he looks at his shoes or he looks away.

What is going on with this boy?

And why is it affecting me so much?


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  • I will tell you that it is because he is shy and afraid of looking at you and saying something that you may either take as wrong or that you may feel a little hurt by. I am telling this from my own personal lifes p.o.v.


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  • The dude probably likes you. point blank. When he looks down, imitate him and look down too. I know its seems stupid but sometimes it works to get him more comfortable. maybe eventually he will look you in the eye gradually. as far as the ugly thing goes, I don't think you have anything to worry about in that department.