How can I get girls to be attracted to me?

How can I get girls to be attracted to me?

I'm a 20-year-old guy. I've never been on a date before or had any sort of a romantic relationship with a girl. Girls never flirt with me either. I just seem to be invisible because I'm shy.

What can I do?


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  • You're going to have to come out of your comfort zone and approach girls. Believe me, I know it's easier said than done, but you're really going to have to change that quality about yourself.


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  • In what ways are you shy? Do you even look at women? When you talk to women do you tend to look at the floor? I need to know what you mean by shy.

    You can't get girls to become attracted to you, it doesn't work that way. Attraction comes from the bonds and connections you make during the time spent with one another. However, getting a girls 'attention' can be done. Follow these basic steps:

    1) Keep yourself well maintained - hair, clothes, teeth (for that smile) etc.

    2) If your not physically in good condition do something about it. Physique matters, no matter what people say, looks and physique gets you the opportunity to get a women's attention, in order to talk to her so that you can show how good your personality is also.

    3) Look into a women's eyes when she speaks with you (frightening eh!?) I know this may sound stupid but if you look in the mirror and into your own eyes and then smile, it will help. One you get used to doing this, then it will be easier when you do it to another person.

    4) Smile

    5) When you talk, listen more than talk. You want to show that you're more interested in listening what she wants to say then what you want to say, also saying less about yourself creates a sense of mystery, a girl will want to find out more about you, this way they come to you.

    6) Whatever you do, don't rush things, approach every women like you're interested in talking to a person, not a potential life partner! The last thing you want to be doing is coming over all needy.

    Its going to mean you're going to have to come out of your shell, talk about it with your close friends who are more confident about these things. Ask for their guidance. All the best.

    • I just have a hard time talking to women that I'm attracted to. I have a hard time initiating a conversation, and I have a hard time keeping one going if she starts one. I look at women all the time and smile at them, but that doesn't seem to get me anywhere.

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    • How can I get over my fear of approaching then? And even if a girl approached me and gave me all the right signs and I noticed that she was doing it, I wouldn't be able to take it to the next level.

      Even if a girl I liked asked me out on a date, I'd still be scared.

    • Whats there to be scared about if its you who are judging her? You have nothing to prove to her, you want to 'talk' because that's what humans do, they talk. It is human nature to be scared of things we do not know. Yet, you do know what you are doing, testing her out, through communication. The more you do this, the easier it will become. If you notice her giving signs of interest, then jokingly (with a smile) say, "was that a subtle sign of interest I just noticed?"