Which size will fit me?

Which size will fit me?

I want to get nike tights for running/soccer. I'm 15, 5'6, 100 pounds. I'm not sure which size to get. I have a 23-24 inch waist and 28-30 inch hips. I really want them to fit like thights so I can actually use them. These are in youth sizes.

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  • If you think you could be a range of sizes, go to a shop with fitting rooms or buy in a shop that you can change them rather than purchase online where it is probably awkward to change them.


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  • Medium should fit you perfectly. If you worked out then I'd suggest large, because ur muscles would be growing.

    • You don't thinkbit will be too short?

    • I don't think so, I order for my brothers most of the time and it fits perfectly the first time I order. :)

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