How to walk up to a group of girls?

I am wondering how I can walk up to a group of girls that are talking and just talk to them?


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  • 1. Make sure you are looking your best, even if you only plan on being out for 5 mins. This means making sure you smell good, wearing clean shoes (women notice shoes), and that you have an outfit that's well put together. Having a sense of style will increase the responses by women by 200% and it is the easiest fix for most guys. The best part is, if you know you are looking your best, you are going to be more CONFIDENT!

    2. You need to have the right attitude. If you are down, tired, or sore from working out, you need to drop it all before you talk to anyone! Women are naturally attracted to men who are healthy and sociable. Try listening to your favorite music to pump yourself while driving or getting ready.

    3. Time to talk about your goals, the women, and your target. Your goal is to have them drop their guard. It'll make everything much easier, especially for the opening. Avoid walking directly toward the group as this is considered to be aggressive. Instead, use your environment and find a reason to be in that area. It might be your server, the bar, or make up a reason. You can also approach them at an angle or side if possible. Your next goal is to establish who is the leader and who you want. Find the woman who is doing the most talking, the most physical touching, and most likely the loudest of the group. She is the leader. She is the one you want to talk to the most initially. Once you have her approval, the others will follow right behind.

    4. On to the hard part. Bad news, it's going to take some practice. Good news, you have a lot of good things in your favor. Mainly, women are less defensive in groups, and most guys don't have the balls to approach a group (3+) of women like you will. That says something about you and they will pick up on it.

    Opening: Find & engage with the leader, in fact, you should ignore the girl you want until the attraction step. You could do situation opener by asking what she is drinking or the name of the artist singing. You could ask for advice by telling them you have a friend who's Girlfriend is getting implants but he hates implants. Should you say something? Better yet, compare them to the Sex & the City crew. Call them by the names (your target should be Samantha) of the characters! Really...It doesn't matter, the next stage does...

    Transition: This stage is more important than the opening. You want to move on to another subject before opening is complete. If she is answering a question, don't validate her response, just take the conversation some where else. It can be from what she said or just tell an entertaining story. After this, hopefully everything will just flow naturally, have fun, and lead the conversation!

    Attraction: You've ignored your target for most of the night, now it's time to give her some attention. Don't compliment her on her looks or style. Instead, you can tease a little. Tell her that she seems nice, like she was probably the nicest hall monitor in school.

    • Attraction Part 2: The goal is to have her chasing you. Even if you decide she isn't what you expected, you still have a chance with the other girls cause you were never hitting on anyone!

      Comfort: If you do like her, you need to separate her from her friends. If everything goes right, her friends won't mind if you ask to borrow her for a few mins and sit down at a nearby table. In fact, you might have them jealous! Find subtle ways to touch her during the attraction step & this one, trust me!

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  • Just be yourself

    Be confident

    Don't be shy

    Don't lie

    Be honest

    Smile :)

  • CONFIDENCE! If you're confident they'll keep talking to you. But don't my cocky or a jerk!


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  • exactly what Maddy said. confidence is key. if you are confident it will show and they will be more accepting of you. also if you can start up a conversation that they can all contribute to then that will help. just ask a basic question or something or ask how they are doing.

  • Confidence. Smile and be original. Introduce yourself.

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