Hair evolution... which length looks better?

So I posted a question recently asking if I should keep or lose my beard/long hair... I'm still deciding but I thought it would be interesting showing my hair/beard at various lengths...

pic 1 - Short hair years ago... yeah I didn't like it.
Hair evolution... which length looks better?
pic 2 - When I first started growing out my facial hair...
Hair evolution... which length looks better?
pic 3 - A few weeks ago... lol at my facial expression
Hair evolution... which length looks better?
All in all... I feel I really suck at taking photos of myself but whatever.
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  • pic 3
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  • I don't know I really just want to mix and match your hair/beard at the various lengths... can I cut your hair? (how would you mix & match?)
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I should have searched/used better pictures...
I really wish I would have chose different pics.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hair #3, face #1.
    I. e., long hair, clean shaven. With that combination you'd be delicious (even though you downvoted me before... you assface. lol)

    I actually don't hate #3. Mostly because I have a thing for vampires (real ones, not teeny-bopper Twilight ones) and that seems like where #3 is going.


    You know what would really kill 'em? Long hair, clean shaven, plus black eyeliner on your lower waterline (or both waterlines if you're really daring). For real. You'd totally slay.

    See, the way you're eye-f**king the camera, especially in #3. That look, plus black liner?
    Yes f**k you very much, literally.
    Well, I would have, before I was an old married lady. (;

    Ask the same girl who dared you to do the 'stache. Or just walk into a sephora (I know, it's a scary scary alien planet) and tell them you're experimenting with looks for your next show.

    • Thanks babes,

      I down-voted you out impulse because I thought you were going to be some stuck up bitch based on your opinion and mainly the ending statement about lumberjacks & needing to be an outdoors-men to have a beard.

      Twilight is an abomination... nothing more, nothing less.

      I don't know about the eyeliner thing but it could be fun as a joke or some kind of goofy experiment...

      I've been working on my eye fucking, I need to do it more often so I can expand my options and be prepared when I come across a girl who sparks my desire.

      lol so you would have gave me a go, but would I want to? (basically a lame way of asking if your hot/were hot? *don't cares if that's shallow, were talking about appearance after-all)

      We'll I guess I'll change my FB profile to that pic and maybe the Blonde girl I talk to often will start trying to invite me over again...

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    • Illiterate is not on the list of potential problems—in fact, I'm also a writer. Sometimes I even speak in written English, just to mess with people's heads. (... like i'll actually SAY sentences like "My oldest brother, a Long Beach mechanic who specializes in rat rods, has..." Yep.)
      In bed I need a hand clamped over my mouth. Half because I'm sexually submissive, half because I'd ruin the mood with the awkward s**t I say. (I could probably use one more often, but that's another story.)

      Yah if you like that girl, you'd probably dig me.
      Some people say I have a "manly" jawline, but she does too. Dye her hair black, give her more Latina-looking features (halfway between hers and La Cholita's, more ass and more boobs. Add smoky eyes, blindingly shiny red lipstick and what my hub calls "wifey heels" (wink wink), and we're in business.

    • ”You have no idea the complete mess I'd be, thinks would get intense fast. ***I'm trying really hard not to say something overly perverted right now***


      Well good, you’d have to be fast, because I have super severe ADHD.
      (See! I say such sexy, sexxxxxy things.)

      I don’t care if you say perverted things. Ain’t on me. I'm just a sweet married lady. La la la la ::looks up in corners of eyes::

      Once in a very very long great while, someone comes along who can actually write things that turn me on.
      (Most people are REALLY, REALLY BAD at this. If you don’t know whether you are bad at it, you are probably bad at it.)
      When that happens, I like. So does my hubby ::wink::

      This probably isn't the place for it.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I think second one is the best length


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  • Wow omg, no i haven't seen this. That last pic looks awesome. I love the serious face :P

    Anyways yeah going with the uniform stache would look better. Other than that, all good! 👍🏽

    • thank you, I have very angular eyebrows with a slight arch... basically I always look serious or stressed but I look better for some reason when I scowl a little bit. lol

    • brow game strong :P

  • I say 3 but WITHOUT the beard. For some reason that hair length fits your face better and for 2015, shoulder hair length is becoming a trend for men these days. SERIOUSLY IT LOOKS STYLISH AND GOOD, but please not the beard.

  • I think you should keep your hair at the length it is now and have your facial hair the way it is in the 2nd picture :) i love your eyes

    • Thank you very much,

      I wish I would have tried a uniform/all one length on my facial hair when I was 1st growing it out because even in pic two you can see that I was cutting the cheeks a different length and making the mustache disconnect. I guess I felt awkward about having beard at that point because I wasn't use to it... and I wasn't use to looking old and not being mistaken as a teenager.

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    • It's kind of weird that I get compliments on it all the time by strangers anywhere from kids, teens, adults and sometimes the elderly and more so by girls/women than guys but that ratio is pretty close... yet when it comes to the girls I'm interested in or have pursued - they are not really a big fan of it.

      It leaves me confused, but I feel like the people who do like it - only like it for the novelty or uniqueness of it. I don't know it's hard to say... it's going to be hard to cut it when & if I do.

    • The mustache I mean.

  • Cut the vampire crap. You're 41 years old. You need to look more mature and three brings it right out. The naked girl says I dig the 41-year-old a picture see. Your opinion would matter to me and be are like pictures from the ethereal death dance. I really really dislike ANB. Again at 41 you need to look mature act mature and of course appear mature. You're 41 your opinion counts.

    • What? Is this a response directed towards Redeyemindtricks or me?

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    • But I am the guy in the pictures... I'm 26 (well only for another day) so the 41 years old comment has got me extremely confused... I'm pretty sure you are getting me mixed up with Redeyemindtricks & everything she said.

    • @Asker ;'))))
      you evolved! 15 years in 1 day. :P congrats! :D

  • I like the second one♡

  • You look really good in the 3rd pic haha.

    • I've been recovering from a car accident from last year and my focus this year was health & happiness... and improving my personal style.

      The question I posted a week ago was just a pic of how I look now without a comparison to how I use to look and I feel it created the illusion that I'd magically look a certain way if I didn't have facial hair or long hair when the reality is something entirely different.

  • The 3 one you look hot!

    • Oh get rid of the beard! You look too old! otherwise everything is good! Suxh an attractive man! haha

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    • There's a 3 & half year gap between the 1st pic and the last.

  • My goodness I love that third one! You look so sexy in that pic! 10/10

    • Thank you, so I guess I shouldn't listen to the people campaigning and petitioning for me to cut my hair & shave... like the 1st pic.

      Or my jealous friend who can't grow facial hair.

    • Gosh no. I love your hair. From my point of view it looks good enough to run your fingers through. It's very sexy.

    • "it looks good enough to run your fingers through" my hair gets tangled pretty easy so that's not the easiest task (the last girl was getting her hand stuck in it practically) but I've been working on making that a non-issue for the next time that happens... whenever the hell that will be ;)

  • Oh no I mistakenly voted pic2 but I think pic3 looks great


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