Girls how can I be more attractive?

I'm 15 and an athlete. I run, play basketball, football, and baseball. I love to skateboard too.


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  • Looks:
    - Get a fit body. If your overweight, eat in a calorie deficit, maintain the strength training, and lose excess body fat. If you're underweight, eat in a small calorie surplus, weight train, and build some muscle.

    - Good hygiene. White teeth is universally attractive; try a whitening toothpaste. Take showers using nice smelling, men's shampoo, body wash, and lotion afterwards. Shave, and keep body hair from growing in excess.

    - Wear clothes that have flattering colors and suits your physique. Forget the fashion trends.

    - Clear skin. Wash your face, and or find a good routine that works for you. If it gets out of hand, go to a dermatologist.


    - Have some sort of ambition or something you're excel at. Sports (which you seem to have covered), grades, or some type of extracurricular activity.

    - Be good at making conversation.

    - Confidence.

    - Be nice, friendly, and outgoing.

    Wikihow. com is pretty much the best how to website for tips about how to be attractive. It was a god send for me, and there's plenty of articles for guys as well. Check it out.


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  • Your actually attractive i mean you dont even have to do that stuff

  • Keep the healthy life style and devote yourself to what you like


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  • To me it looks like you have a good sense of style and lots of interests - My advice is don't change, you be surprised how many girls will like a guy who is confident enough to accept himself and the things he does.