NEED volutneers for a tiny experiment?

Girls (and guys willing to part with some body hair)
do you have any surgical gloves (like the ones drs and dentists... etc use... the white ones) lying around?

follow these steps and share your results please (guys if you can post pics that would be great... since your body hair is usually thicker and longer the difference would be more clear... girls you dont have to :P )

1- wear the glove
2- rub a hairy area (preferably longish hair) on your body for 2-3 mins
(let's stick to arms and legs just in case there is an allergic reaction or something... dont do it on sensitive areas)
3- grab a few of the hairs in that same area you messaged and pull them out in the opposite direction of hair growth


forgot to mention
the area has to be dry and you dont have to pull too hard,,, and tell me how it felt and how much force did you put in


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  • You're a very strange girl lol


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  • Doesn't sound like a lot of fun.

    • no no it doesn't stick and hurt lol dw the area has to be dry and you dont have to pull too hard lol