Is it alright for first date?

Initially, I was thinking that I would go dressed up in a short dress, with contacts and everything stylish on, but suddenly, I have been getting this feeling that I want to look simple. It means I want to wear a light jeans with my high heels on, a leather jacket and my GLASSES! I dress up like a girly girl as well, but in my daily life, I look simple, and I want to come across simple. We are just going to a bar to chitchat and drink a beer or two. Is it alright or should I try really hard to look better?

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  • Simple and casual sounds good to me


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  • That's totally fine. I think you should dress like yourself and how you are most comfortable while still being presentable. Good luck❤️

  • It really depends where you're going mostly

    • We are going during daytime to a casual bar. Nothing stylish or high profile.

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    • That's exactly how I am going to dress up. :) It's too cold so I don't want to wear a dress, but rest, I want to look presentable.

    • You might feel uncomfortable in the dress anyway if everybody else is dressed down a bit.
      If you want to show skin, just wear a low cut top, it won't be too cold under your jacket.