What hairstyles can I do with smooth, straight hair?

My hair is so thin, smooth and straight that I can't even braid it. 😤 And everyone who thought they were superman and could do that failed.
The struggle is real. 😢😂


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  • Ponytails, buns, loose braids with a good elastic at the end to hold it in, pigtails...

    I have the same kind of hair - fine and heavy > lot of hair, but the individual hairs are thin, so it can't 'keep' volume for more than a few minutes - which is sad...

    I say use dry shampoo - it will change your whole routine! =)
    It makes the hair thicker and makes the hairdo stay in much longer.
    Also cut it to mid-length > you'll get MUCH more volume and obedience from your hair.


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  • I know it's common as green grass but ponytail?


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  • Hahah www I'm the opposite, I have enough hair for 3 people... we'll have you ever considered getting layers to thicken it up, or trying to curl it to give it some volume?

    • When I wash it gets a good volume, but it's still straight and the only hairstyle that I can do with it is a ponytail, everything else that I tried falls off in 5 seconds. 😂