"Beauty lies in the eyes of the majority of beholders" is honest and accurate right? SO how can you figure out what the majority of beholders think?

I'm 18.
Don't say if Girls look at you a lot or something... yes girls look at me or at least I think so... but maybe they're just looking in my general direction or something? lol
I don't even live in a western country and Girls here aren't exactly upfront about telling a guy how good he looks or doesn't unless you're really close (and I don't have time for getting close to a girl... rather just focus on academics and looks and friends and getting laid one night stands lol).

So I look in the mirror. I see a really handsome mofo. But is the mofo in the mirror really as handsome as I think he is? I mean the mofo in the mirror has a strong jawline and high cheekbones and nice eyes and lips and a "manly" nose😅 but... is the jawline strong enough? cheekbones high enough? lips and eyes nice enough? BY ENOUGH I mean male model level attractiveness.
So I asked here. Girls here said I look good, attractive, hot, cute and alright. One or two averages but ok. But that doesn't tell me if I am or can potentially be model material facially. I'm sure Ill have the body in a year or two max. How can I know if my face is hot enough? Thanks.


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  • Look indian guy, we don't care. Stop posting this stupid question over and over again. No one wants to sleep with you because honestly you are obsessed with your looks and no normal person should be forced to tolerate that.

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    • I'm the same guy from the other question lol

    • Some girls say I can others say no... I presume the opinion owner thinks not 😅😅

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  • If you spend all your time obsessing about this, you are going to miss out on an awful lot of other things in life.

  • I just threw up in my mouth a little