Mean Looks?

When I walk into a store everyone gives me a dirty look. I don't give dirty looks, I don't act cocky, and I have never done anything to these people. Today I went into a business to ask for an application for the third time, as usual all the employees try to eliminate me. This is not paranoia or some conspiracy I'm concocting. I always end up getting the job, it just a matter of all the other employees. Even in high school this was an issue.

I have always remained to myself. I don't dress slutty, but I do dress in articles of clothing that you'd see in vogue, Allure, and Elle. The conservative ones. I know my clothing looks rather expensive and I'm never casual, but casual is not me. I will never wear jeans and a tee shirt, even with nice jewelry. I don't wear evening gowns out though, I'm not that extreme. I will say my shoes always match, my hand bag, nails, and make up. Everyday! The make up is done minimal though.

I always put off a friendly vibe and never act cocky. I consider my face to be average.

I know that life is not based on looks, and I don't base it on outer appearances. I just like these things. Fashion is a form of art, and I'm attending college for it.

Is it clothing? Why do they hate me when I have always remained to myself?


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  • "Dirty Looks?" Sounds like a Mexican nickname.


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  • If people, some people think for just one second, just one split second that you may have more money than they do, have better clothes, better car, or a bigger house, it can automatically mean jealousy-


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  • hmmz.. maybe you give dirty looks and don't even realize it.. apperently I do, and I truly don't mean to!

    or maybe the people are just jelouse

  • they may be jealous of you because you are fashionable.
    also if a guy looks like he's giving you a dirty look, it might be the face he makes when he's thinking dirty thoughts about you

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