Does wearing makeup make you feel more confident or better about yourself?

I'm 18 and I don't wear makeup except mascara to make my eylashes look longer since I have recived a lot of compliements. Anyways I don't wear makeup since I don't know what works for me or how to put it on. I know a lot of girls my age look beautiful wearing it so I just want to know if it makes you feel more beautiful or better.

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  • No harm experimenting - Ask your friends and older female family friends for advice and help - I think every girl's make up journey starts with a trial and error process


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  • Confident comes from when you care less about somebody's judgement and live your life to what you want it to be.


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  • Personally, it's helpful on a day I feel less than attractive. I just like it because it is fun to do in my opinion, as well as making me feel better. But, I still and frequently go without makeup.

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