Ideas for chip-free nails?

I use base coat and top coat. I've experimented with tons of different nail polish brands, and they still chip in a few hours. Any ideas for chip-free nails? (non-acrylic)


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  • I just did a google for ideas - When you have time have a look to see if any help there


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  • I get a few days to a week, sometimes just over a week, out of mine if I take the time.
    1) Base coat.
    Let it dry completely, not at all sticky.
    2) first coat of polish.
    Either use a fan/blow dryer on cold/or dunk hands in ice cold water. Let it dry completely, and then still leave it a little while.
    3) second coat of polish. Again let it dry and do above steps.
    4) 2 coats of top coat.

    The cold water step I said helps harden the Polish and dry it faster. Most Polish isn't actually dry when we think it is and is still tacky underneath which causes it to mess up faster. The cool shot from blow dryers or fans helps it dry on top faster but doesn't always get the underneath to harden well.

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