When women wear their hair twisted/braided is it a turn off for guys?

I like to keep my questions open, but this is mainly directed towards guys. Please don't be concerned about being politically correct, I want truthful answers. Would you not be attracted to a woman with her hair like this

When women wear their hair twisted/braided is it a turn off for guys?

Or would you be attracted to her?
I ask because this twists/braids fall outside the box of what the media generally praises as appealing to men, and they come off as very ethnic, and I don't know how men feel about that.

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  • That looks so sexy to me


What Girls Said 2

  • It's YOUR hair. YOUR opinion is the only one that matters.

    • I appreciate guys' opinion too though.

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    • But you already know that you're attractive so why would their opinion matter?

    • I'm a very socially interactive person so I appreciate the affirmation of others sometimes. Not to the point where I upload selfies and fish for compliments, I just like to hear that a person agrees with or likes something I do, or if they don't, their reason why. I don't change my opinions or likes because of others, but I do like to interact with people in that way.

  • i actually like that look lol... in a non-sexual non-romantic way xD

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