How does waist training work? Is it like braces?

How braces over time straighten your teeth with the metal. Does this apply to corset training with the steel bone that it slowly brings your waist in?


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  • Not really. I don't recommend wearing a corset for long periods of time or doing anything strenuous as it prevents you from breathing deeply. So unless you really like fainting, be smart about it.

    As far as I understand, you won't ever get to a point with a corset that your waist will stay the small size that you achieve with it on while not wearing the corset. It moves soft tissue around, not bones, so it will slowly come back to its natural position.


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  • Nope, it just messes up your organs. If you want to waist train effectively hit a gym.


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  • You can read all about corset training online. I believe it depends on how tight you have it. If it's too tight, then you start squeezing your organs and that's not good.