Why can't I get a boyfriend?

I am very sweet, shy, and cute. I see guys look at me all the time but I can't seem to find a boyfriend. I know I need to put myself out there more but I don't know what to say. I'm scared of rejection and looking stupid.


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  • Being scared of rejection and looking stupid may be your fault here then. To confess to someone is risky and takes a lot of confidence to do. You've got to be ready to face whatever answer we're willing to give you. If you're too shy to confess verbally writing a note is one way to get the point across, some people may think it's childish but some guys find it really cute. It also saves you the embarrassment of feeling like you look stupid or rejection depending on how it's written.


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  • If you want a boyfriend your gonna have to go outside your comfort zone at some point =/ T Beezy had some really good suggestions though and he's making a lot of sense.

  • Yeah, it can be tough. I'm not really sure what to tell you as I'm the same way sometimes.


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