Condition of being cute?

what do you mean when someone's cute?

appearance, personality, other features.


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  • It is relative.

    However, these are something cute that I have found in my life journey so far.

    Some considers prettyness as cute.

    Some considers something small as cute.

    Some considers a person who make weird voice as cute.

    Some considers something cuddly as cute.

    Some considers someone who puts a lot of effort to be considered as an adult as cute.

    Some considers someone fat as cute (at least one of my friends admit that)

    A great amount of variety, huh?

    Hope this helps.




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  • Cute can be a couple different things.

    Cute, as in your personality means... lol I can't even find the words to explain it, but I think when I say to a girl "that's cute" or something I mean like that's sorta silly and that I find it funny, lol idk.

    Cute, as in appearance means like that you're pretty, lol.

  • I find cute being associated to something that is relatively small. An example would be..oh that dog is cute or oh that child is cute. Cute is a description based on how you look.


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