Top or bottom?

considering getting a belly button ring...

what looks better... top or bottom?


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  • i always thought you were suppose to get it on the top. I say the top. Imma gonna get one too I hope it doesn't hurt too much.

    • Yeah I heard it doent hurt too bad

      good luck

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    • I was just wondering how ur piercing went if uve gotten it yet. I just got my an hr ago. It didn't hurt-i just felt two pinches and that was it.

    • Cool! I didn't get mine yet I'm getting it for my birthday in march. hopefully it goes well! congrats

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  • mine's on the top and I like it, I think they look better on the top. They look fine on the bottom too but I just think the top looks better. Or you could just do what one of my friends did and get the top and bottom pierced

  • TOP. bottom looks retarded and like the piercer did it wrong. :D