Should guys wax their bodies before going out at beach or pool?

If a guy is very hairy but wants to go to the beach and pool and wear sleeveless tops and shorts , then does it looks hot and sexy if he waxes his whole body including arms, legs, thighs , armpits and shoulders?
Waxed legs and arms better than very hairy arms and legs n thighs.


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  • You should do what you want. But I don't think anyone really cares if you're hairy or not.

    • Ya is it so? I mean I have really hairy chest so I won't remove t shirt. But my arms legs and thighs are also very hairy, if I wax them then I will attract lot of female attention or else no girl will like me.

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  • Personal choice - Either is socially acceptable

    • even hairy shoulders?

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    • but that would attract lot of negative female attention.

    • Thanks for MHG - As for positive/negative attention, nobody is perfect

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  • You've asked this before and it's getting really old.


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  • Naw that's just desperate

    • Desperate as in? What sense?

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