What is the difference between leggings and tights?

I see no difference but is there?


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  • Leggings are thicker and only cover up to the ankle tights are thinner and go over you whole foot


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  • I would say material consistency - Tights are quite thin and probably couldn't be worn as an outer layer while leggings can be.


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  • Tights are much thinner and made out of a different material, such as nylon. Leggings are thicker and made out of things like cotton.

    • Oh ok thanks that makes sense. And tights are more formal

    • Yeah, tights are usually more formal. They're for making a dress a little classier and more conservative by covering the bare legs. Leggings are more soft and casual, so people use them more for hanging out and stuff like that.

    • Ok. I also like when my girlfriend wears leggings to bed, I think it is sexy lol

  • Tights are like socks that go
    All the way like a onzies ( in a way) but leggings are like skinny pants that stretch and aren't revealing (the ones that you'd where when exercising. But a girl would wear tights under a skirt or a short dress if she wants.

    • Do tights have a waist band like leggings or are they just like socks, separated?

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    • Oh ok. I might try some on in my house just to see what they are like. Ok well thanks for the help

    • No problem

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